How can I help?

In difficult times, communities rally to support each other.

When traumatic events occur, many of us feel a strong desire to help in whatever way we can.                                                           

To ensure your efforts and donations support those in need, read through the guidelines below.


In the wake of tragic events, there is often an immediate need for items such as food, driving services, and other supplies.

As time goes on, the need may still be there but in a less obvious way. Connecting with a relevant volunteer organisation allows you to to find out what's needed and give accordingly.

Volunteering Canterbury is a great place to start if you're looking for a way to help out within the community.

On their website, you can search for volunteer opportunities by category, how much time you're able to commit, and what time you're available.


Donation advice

After events such as the Christchurch mosque attacks, many New Zealanders feel a generous urge to help, and donating money can be a useful way to support those in need. To ensure you're donating to a valid organisation, we've provided guidelines below.

From the Citizens Advice Bureau:
  • Ask the organisation what proportion of your donation goes to support the cause, as opposed to being used to pay administration and fundraising costs.
  • Ask what they plan to do with the money. This information should be on their website.
  • Make a complaint to Charities Services if you think someone is collecting for a non-existent charity or pretending to collect for a registered charity.

You can also search the Charities Services Register, to check whether someone asking for donations is a legitimate charity.

The Department of Internal Affairs offers further tips about how to make sure your donation will have an impact.