Financial support

Meeting basic everyday needs immediately after an event can be challenging.

Help is available from a number of organisations to support you and your family/whānau financially during tough times.

Support if you've been injured


Provides financial support for:

  • loss of income
  • help at home
  • childcare
  • counselling.

Factsheets (PDF) on support available to terror attack victims are provided in several languages:

Also see Housing Support.

Support for families/whānau who have lost a loved one



  • survivor grants for families/whānau
  • ongoing support for children
  • financial support for loss of income
  • funeral costs.

Financial support if someone has died


Work and Income NZ

Helps those in need with:

Financial help factsheets – provided in English, Arabic, Hindi, and several other languages

Christchurch tragedy: We're here to help

If you need to speak to Work and Income NZ in another language, call 0800 559 009 and they will arrange an interpreter for you for no cost.


Also see Housing Support.

Business and tax worries

Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce

Provides support to businesses and employees including:

  • staff wellbeing and support
  • wages and insurance
  • support and advice for migrant staff
  • support for staff who have been directly affected.

Helping people in business respond


Inland Revenue (IRD)

Helps businesses cope after a traumatic event, and can answer questions about personal or business tax related to:

  • Working for Families
  • child support
  • student loans
  • KiwiSaver.

Christchurch terror attack: Support for customers